June 12, 2018


My Experience with Jet can be summed  into word one… GRITTY. Beyond the towering skyscrapers and darkened one way streets located at 1515 Pease St was a venue that catered to all. Artist from all across Houston once used this small but “charming” bar to perform and showcase their talents. Between the cheap drinks, drama and drugs I myself frequented the place to smoke a blunt on the patio and get down to some heavy tunes in this trill concrete jungle. The Lighting, art, and a swing over the dj booth would be the centerfold for loud and lovely corner. This was a place to slam down your best and hold nothing back. Therefore glitch hop, dubstep, and electro house were always on the menu. It’s also always a good feeling to walk into a place where you feel like you know everyone. The venue finally closed its doors on 03/25/16 but if you’re walking late at night…maybe you’ll hear the familiar faint echos of bass drifting across a muffled kick.

tl;dr: gritty, dark, charming 8/10
pros: trill underground artist, a swing, plus swanky art and lights everywhere
cons: small, sketchy, dramatic, and not enough techno

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