November 6, 2017



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I’m late I’m late for a very important date<3

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Another year had passed and a few months prior to the party I was contacted. We wanted to plan something new and big. I decided a dome would best represent this bold venture. We were going to do 3 stages and go hard as fuck doing so. Several weeks of assembling supplies we were ready to begin the dome phase.  Around 11 I did a dubstep into some wook wompy glitch hop.

photo credit: avf


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A year and a month had past since I decided to tumble down the rabbit hole. It felt like any dream would. 3 AM was my timeslut and I had the pleasure of closing out my set on the outside stage with local productions from all across Texas. Blending originals from my #wastedyouth album into glitchhop, electro, house and dubstep to fuel the last of the craziness. I attended the event with Kitty and we got super baked to the sounds and lasers. I wasn’t as involved with this event as much as I would like but I had a good time regardless. Again, they had the silent disco stacked full of djs as well as two other stages.

painting credit to nikki

tl;dr solid asf 10/10
pros: packed but spaced, solid local line up, good vibes
cons: no headliners, brand new venue, too stacked

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In a rabbit hole far, far away…


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Once upon a time, about 3 years deep into DJing out in Houston. I was invited by Buda Love to perform my very first Mad Hatters Tea Party. I had never really branched out of city to another Rave before, but I had heard wonderful stories about the night life scene here and decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity….boy was I right.

  A few friends whom were already excited had told me I should be open minded. Not knowing what to expect I packed all my gear and headed out with Meganne, we made an almost 3 hour trip in no time.

As we came upon the complex it was swarmed with ravers and Kandi kids in a long filed line being picked apart by security (they even took my work knife.) Since my sets were early back in those days and it would be my first time performing in a silent disco… I decided a healthy mixture of  dubstep, electro swing, house, and trap. It was a set I had put some extra work into because I was trying to impress some new faces and my girl.  During my newly found experience in Austin I was handed DMT while playing my set in a sly fashion from what would later be considered a close friend. Aside from the general confusion of an unfamiliar place I began to feel a lot like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. After my set I worked myself into the main room where the big stage was exploding lights and sound all over a sea of people…

Two huge eyes were staring directly at me as the bass melted every sense of discomfort I had. These were my people and we were weird as fuck. As I look back at the pictures now I see so many faces I would meet later. It’s so funny how something can bring so many faces together. The crowd gathered around the giant smiling feline face was raging hard as the stage progressed through several forms of EDM. The visuals changed constantly forming the Cheshire cat getting his pupils dilated from doing a tab of acid or ecstasy to Alice following deep down the hole. I began to go explore the other stage hidden off and after awhile trailed back to the silent disco. I got to explore dozens of local artist I had never interacted with before. I asked If I could be apart of what Area 512 was about…I was told that was a conversation for another day and little did I know years from then I would be helping bring this beast to life every year.<3


tl:dr i tumbled down the rabbit hole behold truly a radical audio visual experience 8/10

pros: good vibes,  rad lasers, super sick visuals, loud asf sound, and a stacked local line up
cons: strict security, no re-entry

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video below

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